WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

WooCommerce vs BigCommerce

Building an e-commerce aspect to your web presence is an effective way to enhance your profits. Most of the shoppers opt for businesses with the right customer service because they want to know more information concerning your products while still at the comfort of their homes.

There are a variety of e-commerce platforms available in the industry, this makes it difficult when it comes to choosing the best platform. Some of the most popular e-commerce platforms include WooCommerce and BigCommerce. In this article, we are going to look at the differences between WooCommerce and BigCommerce as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Ease of installation

WooCommerce is referred to as a WordPress plugin, supported by a platform with many users. It has a user-friendly interface which makes it simple for the users to use the website. A professional can offer the users with the necessary guidelines on how to set up a store, even though it’s essential to know that professional design is very crucial as it determines the professional results. Creating a store with BigCommerce is not a difficult task as it can be performed with one-click options as well as pre-made templates which get rid of the guesswork from both the setup and installation. Professional design is also crucial when it comes to generating the most appropriate results, its not an easy process to get started with BigCommerce although it is accessible to many users.

Ease of Use

WooCommerce BigCommerce
People who are familiar with WordPress find it easy to use WooCommerce as it is an easy intuitive plugin. It has a great number of automatic features which can be allowed to function such as default currency settings, tax calculations coupon functionality and so on enhancing its operations on your storefront with minimal challenges. This platform is suitable for users of all levels including beginners due to its automation feature and most of the experienced with like it due to customization. BigCommerce is suitable for all types of users including the novice and advanced users who are familiar with the website and also those not familiar with the website. Advanced users find BigCommerce very easy to use. Its main advantage is that it comprises of designs as well as features which make it easy and faster to install. Although it can be customized, it does not allow extreme customization which enables people to have an individualized experience and this may make some individuals develop a negative attitude towards BigCommerce due to its ease of use.

Search Engine Friendly

WooCommerce BigCommerce
The SEO optimization features in WooCommerce are generally in the form of extensions and plugins which add to the fundamental working of the platform. This is well suited for users who are not new in WordPress and its SEO prospects, getting to learn more about plugins is not something hard to those who are familiar with WordPress. Personalizing various meta tags, URLs and the SEO keywords which can be done easily using the right plugins. BigCommerce consists of various SEO features which allow for the customization of image descriptions, title tags, headers and so on. All this is embedded into the platform.

Maintenance Costs

WooCommerce BigCommerce
WooCommerce plugin for WordPress does not involve any costs, it’s indeed free. Most of the users will require various commercial plugins as well as extensions to ensure it is functioning properly. For example, billing clients will demand subscription extensions every month. Extra costs may be incorporated when it comes to paid designs as well as themes, there are various options made available at no cost and some fees are charged when payments are being processed using payment services like Paypal. The cost of maintenance is proportional to the growth of the business which is the trend of most businesses. WooCommerce users will be required to cater for the hosting costs which offer the needed flexibility for every site designed. Maintenance costs of the BigCommerce are based on the plan you will make use of. Different plans come with varying costs, for instance, cheaper plans are associated with unlimited sales, bandwidth as well as the storage. Its hostage is done via the BigCommerce module which has barriers when it comes to the flexibility of users.

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