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DiviFlash is a third-party plugin for Divi that adds bunches of new and unique modules to Divi, which eventually enhances the Divi features. In this article, we’ll look at the plugin and find the features it offers. It’ll help you to decide if you need this plugin for your next Divi project.

Installation and Activation

Installation is effortless and straightforward.

  1. Purchase and download the plugin from Diviflash.com
  2. Navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  3. Click Choose File
  4. Locate the plugin’s zip file on your computer and select it
  5. Click Install Now
  6. Click Activate
  7. Go to Plugins > DiviFlash License> Enter your License Key.
  8. Click activate license and save changes.

Divi Modules

Diviflash adds 17 new modules to the Divi builder. And I can see there are two more on it’s way and many more on their list. As I can Understand from their site, they are trying to achieve a place where you will not require lots of plugins. Divi Flash will be your single stop to build a quality website. They got new features for images, texts, forms, etc. Let’s have a look.

Gallery Modules for Divi

Diviflash got three different Gallery modules on its module list, which is excellent because the default gallery module does have limitations. They overcome those limitations and introduce some new features (Which I often looked for) in my web design Business. Let’s have a look one by one.

Advanced Image Gallery Divi Module

Diviflash Advanced Image gallery has filter navigation and item control for the row, which is an excellent inclusion for Divi. We often face difficulty in achieving those designs. It also has a masonry and grid layout for your gallery.

Justified Gallery Divi Module

Sometimes you might have a different image size, but you don’t want a masonry layout. You might wish your image height to be the same, whatever the width is. For this type of scenario justified gallery is the solution for you. You can control the height here.

Packery Gallery Divi Module

Packery gallery is another cool module I am in love with. Let me tell you why! Once, one of my clients asked me, can you create a gallery that is out of the box? He means He doesn’t want the regular grid or masonry. I had to use a script and created a custom layout, which I can see on Diviflash Packery layout number 10. How cool is that? Packery Module offers ten different layouts for your gallery. Check the demo to get a better idea.

Common features of the gallery module

You can also add a load more button, the custom link for images, and lightbox in all their gallery modules. All the gallery modules also come with some cool hover features like overlay, Border animation, etc. You can also add a caption and description to your image.

Carousel Modules For Divi

Diviflash got four different rich content carousel modules, which can create the logo, image, text, and testimonial carousel, etc. Each carousel is unique in its way. Let’s drive in and see some of the features of the Divi carousel modules.

Content Carousel Divi Module

You can add Title, subtitle, content, image or icon, button and order them the way you like in the content carousel. You have the option to use a slide or cover flow effect.

Logo carousel Divi Module

Logo carousel is unique because it offers a ticker mode. Traditional carousels can be used for logo carousels, but if you would like your carousel to be smooth, then ticker is the thing you are looking for.

Image carousel Divi Module

After seeing the image carousel for Divi, the first question I came across was why a different carousel for the image! After using this, I found the uniqueness of this particular module. It has a variable width option where you can use a different image size with the same height. You can also have a slide, cube, coverflow, and flip animation in this module for your image.

Testimonial carousel Divi Module

Finally, we have a testimonial carousel, which is, I believe, the most needed one. This one is different because of its content variation. You can add author Name, Job Title, Company, the link for company, Content, Author image, logo image, Ratting, quote icon/image. You can order them the way You like. You have full control of designing those elements.

Common features of carousel modules

All the carousels have traditional design elements with border, box-shadow, Background, and robust spacing control.

Text Modules for Divi

List of modules that will help customize text or blurb sections in different ways.

Advanced Heading Divi Module

The Advanced Heading module helps you to create and design Unique titles or heading for your Divi section. You can customize one line(Prefix, Infix, and suffix) in a different format. Different backgrounds, typography, borders can be added to your heading to stand out. You can also use effects like dual text, text clipping in the Divi Heading module by DiviFlash.

Animated Heading Divi Module

Animated Heading allows you to create different types of animation with your heading or text. This module also has options to customize (prefix, fancy, and suffix).

Flip Box Divi Module

Create interactive blurbs to show content with Divi flip box module. This unique Divi module will add a two-faced blurb to your website and take the user experience to another level! You can have different animations, 3D effects, and many more.

Tilt Card Divi Module

Tilt cards contain all features from a blurb module with a special hover effect called the Tilt effect. It creates a visual illusion in which prolonged adaptation to an oriented stimulus causes shifts in subsequently perceived orientations. You can create a parallax effect, Glare Effect, scale on hover, and more.

Hover Box Divi Module

Hover box is a simple module where selected content can be revealed on hover. You can have title, Subtitle, Content, button, and any of those can have that hover effect on it.

Advanced blurb Divi Module

This module is an upcoming one. It seems like an extended version of the current Divi blurb module.

Image Modules for Divi

Image modules are the modules that help to represent images differently compared to standard image modules.

Floating Images Divi Module

This particular module has the strength to make your images live. You can use multiple images and set the direction of animation in different ways. This is one of the most trending things in the web development industry. See some of the demos to get a clear idea of this.

Image Mask Divi Module

Image masks are also a wonder in this surprise pack of modules. You can add a mask to your image from the selective 26 masks. Each mask is unique. You can rotate to get another shape, and yes, you can have all the other features the general image module offers.

Image Hover Box Divi Module

This module is an upcoming one too. It seems like the image will be visible, and the content will reveal when hovering over it.

WordPress Plugin Styler modules for Divi

Using Divi is not always enough; it still requires a WordPress plugin for some reason. Diviflash also has some modules to integrate with those plugins.

Contact Form 7 Styler Divi Module

Contact form 7 is one of the top popular forms for WordPress. You can use it on Divi. But styling the module can be challenging if you don’t know how to code. Keeping that in mind, Diviflash offers Contact Form 7 Styler. You can style your contact form 7 with this module.

Wp Form Styler Divi module

Wp form is another WordPress form builder plugin. Diviflash has a styler module for this form.

Other Modules

Some other Divi modules, which are helpful for any section you would like to design.

Dual Button

A dual button is always a key feature for website design. With the Default Divi button, you can set two buttons side-by-side, but it’s lots of work (especially mobile). A dual button module can help you achieve that quickly, and you can have some features that the default module doesn’t.

Future Plans

As I can see from their website, They have plans to include many more things soon. They will have a dashboard, Templates, sections, and other modules.


Diviflash is offering three different licenses. Right now they are on sale. For a personal pack (Single site), you will be charged $29 per year; for Business Pack (Unlimited site) price is $59/Year, and For a Lifetime, you need to spend $199. I believe it’s reasonable. As our reader, you can have an additional 10% off on the purchase.

10% Off

Doesn't expire


Diviflash is one of the plugins that is required for your next Divi project. This plugin offers more than 15 modules and many more will be coming soon.  It's now on sale! Grab a copy now. Because you will eventually need one. 

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Final Verdict

Divi Flash is a fascinating plugin for Divi. It adds lots of new features and modules. All of the features are useful and greatly expand Divi. If you’re looking to expand your Divi site or toolbox without needing a ton of plugins, Divi Flash is worth a look.

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